Competition Rules
This is the first time L’ORÉAL in China invites technology startups to create beauty tech big bang with L’ORÉAL! This is also the first startup challenge of beauty technology ecosystem in China’s beauty industry! L’ORÉAL welcomes all startups as long as you: (1) want to be the pioneer of beauty industry; (2) want to create a big burst of beauty technology with L’ORÉAL; (3) want to take foothold in China and keep the world in view, you can’t miss the L’ORÉAL CHINA BIG BANG BEAUTY TECH INNOVATION CHALLENGE!

If you are interested in participating in this contest, please MUST read carefully and fully understand these rules (the “Rules”) of this “L’ORÉAL CHINA BIG BANG BEAUTY TECH INNOVATION CHALLENGE”. The Rules specify the terms and conditions in relation to your participating in “L’ORÉAL CHINA BEAUTY TECH INNOVATION CHALLENGE” (the “Contest”). If you tick the Rules, you are deemed to have read and understood all the contents of the Rules, and L’ORÉAL CHINA has explained and clarified all the parts that confuse you. Don't forget to fill in your e-mail address in below box and hit the subscribe button if you want to acquire updated information of the Contest and L’ORÉAL CHINA.

By signing up for the Contest, you (“You” or the “Contestant”) agree to comply with the Rules completely and unconditionally. If you do not accept any condition or term of the Rules, please do not sign up for or submit your entries to the Contest.

If you apply for participating the Contest but fail to comply with any term or condition of the Rules, L’ORÉAL CHINA shall have the right to cancel your qualification of participation, and you will not be entitled to any award and compensation.

In addition to the acceptance of the Rules, by submitting an application to the Contest, each Contestant is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to

(i) the general terms and conditions of the Website (the “Website”) at governing the use of the Website (the “General Terms of Use”);

(ii) L’ORÉAL CHINA Privacy Policy, available at;

(iii) L’ORÉAL CHINA Cookies Policy, available at

If the provisions of the General Terms of Use conflict with the provisions of the Rules, the Rules shall prevail.

The Organizer provides registration services for you with its Website, system status and current functions, but does not guarantee that the registration service will not be interrupted or error-free in operation. You agree to use the service according to the status and current functions of the registration service at your own risk.

Given that you may be invited to participate in onsite activities, contest or ceremony during the Contest, in order to provide better onsite services mentioned above for you, you agree that the Organizer shares your personal information you fill in or submit when applying for participating the Contest with the meeting organizer, for the purpose of sending or recommending meeting information to you, or contacting you concerning meeting services and participation matters, etc.


L’ORÉAL CHINA is launching the Contest as part of its worldwide activities to support innovation in the beauty sector. L’ORÉAL CHINA wishes to: (i) attract innovation companies to come and develop with L’ORÉAL for the beauty tech strategy; (ii) increase awareness amongst innovation community of L’ORÉAL’s beauty innovation & beauty tech in China; and (iii) upskill L’ORÉAL and learn the latest tech trends and develop jointly with innovation companies.

In addition, L’ORÉAL CHINA is willing to award selected innovation companies in order to accelerate their implementation to the benefit of the environment and society. Winning innovation companies of the Contest will obtain exposure to L’ORÉAL CHINA’s advice, fostering for professional development and other awards specified in the Rules.


The Contest is organized by L’ORÉAL (CHINA) Co., Ltd., having its registered office at 11th Floor, Park Place, No. 1601 Nanjing Road (West), Shanghai (“L’ORÉAL CHINA” or the “Organizer”).

'L’ORÉAL CHINA"= shall mean L’ORÉAL (CHINA) CO., LTD., any entity directly or indirectly controlled by L’ORÉAL (CHINA) CO., LTD., any entity directly or indirectly controlling L’ORÉAL (CHINA) CO., LTD., and any entity placed under the same control as L’ORÉAL (CHINA) CO., LTD., including joint venture.

Participation Qualifications

This Contest will be open to the public and be available to those who meet all the following criteria:

(i) Companies legally incorporated and legally existing in various jurisdictions, regardless of their business areas and whether registered in China or abroad;

(ii) Submit real application materials in line with L’ORÉAL CHINA’s application requirements;

(iii) If required by L’ORÉAL CHINA, the Contestant shall provide its business license or other registration materials as evidence of corporate registration;

(iv) If required by L’ORÉAL CHINA, the Contestant shall sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, an Image Rights Authorization, a Proof of Concept Agreement and other agreements;

(v) There shall not be any problems or potential hidden dangers that prevent them from participating in the Contest;

(vi) If required by L’ORÉAL CHINA, the Contestant shall appoint and authorize two natural persons over the age of 18 to attend the on-site Contest or other onsite activities on behalf of the Contestant.

The person without the authorization by the Contestant shall be allowed to provide technical guidance for the Contestant, but not to replace team members to participate in the Contest process, including but not limited to onsite check-in, defense, presenting works, participating in training or roadshows, etc. Otherwise, L’ORÉAL CHINA shall be entitled to cancel its eligibility.

The Organizer shall be entitled, at its discretion, to determine whether to change the participation qualifications, regardless of before or during the Contest, without informing the Contestants in advance or obtaining their consent. As for Contestants who fail to meet the requirements mentioned above, the Organizer has the right to cancel their participation qualifications at any time without any responsibility.

No registration fees are required to participate in the Contest.

Contestant applications will be reviewed and assessed by the reviewing committee of L’ORÉAL on the basis of qualitative criteria as set out in the Rules. The composition of the reviewing committee of L’ORÉAL is determined by L’ORÉAL CHINA at its discretion. L’ORÉAL CHINA reserves the right to change the members of the reviewing committee at any time.

The Organizer reserves the right to entrust a third party to investigate. If any information provided by the Contestant is found to be inaccurate, illegal, etc., the Contestant agrees that the Organizer may cancel, suspend, or terminate its participation qualification at any time, and the Organizer reserves the right to pursue the legal responsibilities of the Contestant. If the Organizer, other Contestant or any third party suffers any loss due to such occasion, the Contestant guarantees to be liable for compensation.

Three Tracks and Requirements

There are 3 challenge tracks in this beauty tech competition. 10 contestants will be selected for each track (30 contestants in total) to enter the Grand Finale. L’ORÉAL China jury will select 3~5 winners for each track including sustainable track and AI track, therefore totally 10~15 winners, among which 6-9 winners will receive pilot and incubation support.

1. Track One:Phygital

Under this track, the innovations on following key areas are expected to strengthen innovative & personalized consumer experience:

a) Content creation/edit in creatives, image/short video, visual merchandising, production;

b) AI applications in design, content, eBA to optimize workload and focus on value creation tasks;

c) Online + Offline + On-chain consumer experience in phygital experience, AR/VR, digital human;

d) Sustainability in digital (e.g., carbon emission estimation for media)

Minimum requirement for application (in addition to the other qualification stipulated in the Rules):

The Contestant needs to have prototype/MVP that can be tested in L'Oréal’s environment within 6 months and apply to business within 1 year.

2. Track Two:Operation 4.0

Under this track, the innovations on following key areas are expected to support growth and agility end-to-end value chain:

Technologies and solutions related but not limited to:

a) Maintenance : 360-degree maintenance from prevention to prediction to support manufacturing / fulfillment center agility;

b) Social media and review screening : to improve the responsiveness to consumer and be more proactive into new product development;

c) Packaging digital scan : 3D scan outside and inside with measurement. Reverse engineering. Virtual sample library;

d) Sustainable Operations : Energy consumption scan to get real time on data on our operations sites;

e) AI for Ops: Optimize workload and focus on value creation tasks;

Minimum requirement for application (in addition to the other qualification stipulated in the Rules):

The Contestant needs to have prototype/MVP that can be tested in L’ORÉAL’s environment within 3-6 months and apply to L’Oréal Production within 1 Years.

3. Track Three:Future Science

Under this track, the innovations on following key areas are expected to latest R&I and technology frontier that is entering application phase:

Technologies and solutions related but not limited to:

a) New ingredient or solutions satisfying consumer desires in skin, hair and makeup with elucidated mechanism;

b) Sensors or technologies to track, analyze and decode consumer emotions / perceptions / exposome;

c) Advanced skin/scalp/hair diagnostic tools or in vitro models;

Minimum requirement for application (in addition to the other qualification stipulated in the Rules):

The contestant needs to have prototype or scientific data that can be tested with L'Oréal's in L’ORÉAL’s environment within 3-6 months.


The Contest winners shall receive the following awards (the” Awards”):

1. Pilot projects with L'Oréal CHINA (available for top 2-3 of each track)

2. Mentor & upskilling expedition

Brand and function mentors during & after the Innovation Contest

L'Oréal & beauty upskilling expedition (e.g. quarterly activities such as Lab, warehouse, store visit, digital workshop, etc.)

3. Media exposure for top 3 of each track to be promoted (no sensitive details revealed) upon L’ORÉAL CHINA’s approval. The top 10 of each track may disclose their rankings to the media after the Contest, but no other information about the Contest can be disclosed without L’ORÉAL CHINA’s prior approval.

4. Prize Travel Cost (limited to 2-3 people of each top 10 Contestant in each track) upon L’ORÉAL CHINA’s prior approval on the travel amounts, provided that the Contestant provides legal invoice.

5. Providing Products of L’ORÉAL at the sole discretion of L’ORÉAL CHINA

6. The opportunities regarding strategic cooperation and investment from L’ORÉAL CHINA

Top 3 of each track will have the opportunity, based on mutual agreement, to discuss with L’ORÉAL CHINA about minor share investment or the investment opportunity from L’ORÉAL CHINA.

Priority investment right reserved by L’ORÉAL CHINA to the top 3 of each track before receiving any new investment.

7. Possible to become L’OREAL CHINA’s strategic partner

The name of the Contest winners shall be announced by the Organizer following the Grande Finale, which will be available on the Organizer’s company website, and/or by any other means determined by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to inform the Contest winners personally, subject to the Contest winners undertaking to keep this information confidential until the official public announcement by the Organizer.

Before being granted any Award, the Contestant shall provide legal documents in relation to confirming its qualifications for participation based on the requirements of L’ORÉAL CHINA (e.g. registration certificate, etc.).

The Award is exclusive to the winners and may not be transferred to or used by any person/entity other than the Contest winners. The Contest winners may not assign or transfer the rights and obligations derived from the Award to any third party, unless written prior approval by L’ORÉAL CHINA.

The Award does not convey any obligation for the Organizer nor any of L’ORÉAL CHINA’s affiliates to conclude any agreement with Contest winners nor does it create any exclusive relationship between Organizer nor any of L’ORÉAL CHINA’s affiliates and the Contest winners.

By submitting an application, the Contestants understand that they will not receive any compensation or offer other than what is described in the Rules.

For the avoidance of doubt, neither the Organizer nor any of L’ORÉAL CHINA’s affiliates shall be obligated to cooperate or pursue any contacts with the Contestants after the Contest.

Agenda of the Contest

The Contest consists of the following rounds:

1. Online Application

Submission of the applications on the Website will commence from now and end up 23:59 PM (CST) on May 31st, 2024.

2. Expo & Shortlist & Mentor

The reviewing committee of L’ORÉAL CHINA shall review and evaluate all qualified application materials between June 1, 2024 and July 31, 2024, and select and announce the 30 selected Contestants (10 for each track) to participate enter the next round before August 1, 2024 based on the standard of the creativity, the originality, the feasibility of innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.

If the quality of the applications or any other materials is not deemed to meet the relevant qualitative criteria, then the reviewing committee of L’ORÉAL CHINA may therefore select less than 30 contestants to enter the next round.

The reviewing committee has the right to select any Contestant from those who fail to enter into the next round if the 30 pre-selected Contestants quit the Contest. However, the Organizer may determine, at its sole discretion, whether to select a replacement Contestant and the number of the Contestants.

The selected 30 Contestants will participate in the L’ORÉAL Startup Workshop in August and work with the L’ORÉAL brand mentor team to prepare for the Grand Final.

3. Grand Final

The Grand Final roadshow will be held from Mid-August to September 2024. L'Oreal China jury will select 3-5 winners for each track, including sustainable track and AI track, therefore totally 10-15 winners, among which 6-9 winners will receive pilot and incubation support.

4. Pilot, Incubation Project, and Award Ceremony

In this stage, the final selected companies will start pilot and incubation projects with full support from L'Oréal China. The Organizer will hold an Award Ceremony in November 2024, the specific date will be subject to the Organizer's follow-up notice.

Please note that the above-mentioned agenda are provided solely as an indication. They may be changed at the discretion of the Organizer if circumstances so require. The Organizer may also curtail, suspend, postpone, modify, or cancel the organization of the Contest without being held liable, and without any damages or lack of opportunity to the Contestants arising therefrom, even at the stage when the Contest Winner is being selected by the Organizer.

If the Contestant cannot participate in the Grande Finale, roadshow or training in accordance with the requirements of the Contest due to personal reasons, L’Oreal CHINA has the right to cancel its qualification for participating the Contest.

The decision of the L’ORÉAL CHINA shall be final. No appeal shall be admitted.

The 30 Contestants (10 for each track) who passed the Round One Contest shall sign relevant agreements and documents based on the requirements of L’ORÉAL CHINA, and need to submit a hardcopy of the business license (stamped with its corporate seal and signed by the legal representative or other authorized representative) with other signed documents, agreements, entries, or materials. If the Contestant is not an entity registered in the People’s Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan for the purpose of the Rules), it is necessary to submit notarized and legalized registration certificate as well as the authorized documents for the authorized signatory. If the Contestant refuses to or does not submit according to the requirements of the Organizer, the Organizer has the right to cancel its qualification, ranking and Awards.

To that end, the Organizer will send the 30 pre-selected Contestants, at the e-mail addresses indicated at the time of registration on the Website, the Image Rights Authorization, Proof of Concept Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed, as well as other materials need to be provided.

The selected 30 Contestants from Round One will then have a period of two (2) weeks to submit the following to the Organizer:

(1) The Image Rights Authorization duly signed; and

(2) The Proof of Concept Agreement duly signed; and

(3) The Non-Disclosure Agreement duly signed; and

(4) Qualification certificate documents and any other requested materials. It should be noticed that in case the notarized and legalized materials cannot be submitted in time for any difficulties, the Contestants shall obtain L’ORÉAL CHINA’s written consent. But the submission of the forgoing materials shall be provided no later than Award Ceremony.

Contestants shall sign the above-mentioned agreements with the identity of legal person or unit, rather than on behalf of individuals.

In the whole process of the Contest, L’ORÉAL CHINA has the right to adjust the schedule and related section based on the situation to ensure well performance of the Contest without the Contests’ consent.

Online Application Requirements

To participate in the Contest, Contestants must fill out the application on the Website after creating an account on the Website. The application form and the requirements for application materials are accessible on the Website. The application must be filled out in Chinese or in English.

Only one application may be filed with respect to a relevant Contestant. In case of multiple applications relating to the same Contestant, only one application will be taken into account and accepted by the Organizer at its discretion.

To participate in the Contest, the Contestant must submit complete application information prior to 11:59 PM (CST) on May 31st, 2024, on the basis of the time when L’ORÉAL CHINA receives the complete information.

Once the application is completed, the Organizer will send the Contestant a confirmation letter to the e-mail address indicated in the application form. Whether the application is effective depends on the confirmation letter issued by L’ORÉAL CHINA.

The Contestant must fill in all required information truthfully and accurately. If L’ORÉAL CHINA discovers any inaccurate, false or incomplete information before, during or after the Contest, it shall be entitled to immediately disqualify the Contestant from the Contest or cancel its qualification to receive any Award. If any award has been distributed, the receiver shall return it to the Organizer immediately, otherwise it shall make compensation for the Award. If L’ORÉAL CHINA suffers any loss at the same time, it shall be compensated immediately.

Any application that is incomplete, submitted late, or that contains false or misleading information, shall be inadmissible, with the Organizer having no obligation to inform the concerned Contestant of this fact, and without the Contestant whose file was discarded being entitled to any indemnification; this is applicable at any stage of the process of the Contest.

The applications shall be examined by L’ORÉAL CHINA. L’ORÉAL CHINA shall proceed to review the applications on the basis of all the terms and conditions provided herein to determine whether to accept the application. The decision of the L’ORÉAL CHINA shall be final. No appeal shall be admitted.


Contestants guarantee that all materials submitted by Online Application do not contain any confidential information and intellectual property rights. L’ORÉAL CHINA is not obliged to keep the application materials submitted by the Contestants confidential.

For the detailed entries or materials submitted by the Contestants after the Online Application, they shall be subject to the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

During the Contest, the Contestants are prohibited from any direct and/or indirect contact with the media for any marketing campaign or promotion, except if authorized by L’ORÉAL CHINA in writing.

The Contestant acknowledges and understands that it knows that L’ORÉAL CHINA is developing or will develop, and may obtain from other parties, any materials which may contain information similar or identical to that contained in the deliverables submitted by any Contestant. Therefore, the Contestants agree that it shall not prevent L’ORÉAL CHINA from obtaining or developing any products, concepts, systems, services or technologies similar to or competitive with the products, concepts, systems or technologies contemplated by the deliverables submitted by any Contestant.

Intellectual Property Rights

Upon submitting any deliverables in any stage of the Contest, each Contestant shall warrant to L’ORÉAL CHINA that it is a joint owner and/or joint holder of the intellectual property rights to and in all or part of the works contained therein. Each Contestant shall be allowed to upload its application to the Website; and that, if applicable, it has been authorized by anyone who may have contributed to creating the application to upload it. In relation to any deliverables in any stage of the Contest, it has obtained the ownership and license for any elements of the deliverables to which it does not have relevant rights or which previously exist. Each Contestant guarantee to the Organizer that they undertake to carry out the necessary actions to maintain, and, if applicable, renew these rights, bearing any costs related to these actions.

In addition, each Contestant shall warrant that the submitted solutions or any deliverables do not: (1) infringe the ownership, intellectual property, industrial property, personal rights, moral rights or any other rights of any third party, including but not limited to copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets or confidentiality obligations; and/or (2) violate any of the provisions of this article; and/or (3) otherwise violate relevant laws or applicable laws.

If there are any third parties raising any interference, litigation, claim, objection and request, or deportation due to deliverables (including intellectual property rights), the corresponding Contestants shall compensate L’ORÉAL CHINA for all losses. L’ORÉAL CHINA will not be liable for any Contestant’s above breach.

By agreeing to participate in the Contest, each Contestant expressly authorizes any entity within L’ORÉAL CHINA, free of charge, on a worldwide basis, to use, publish, broadcast or communicate all or part of the written press, documents, annual reports, or any other means, the name of the Contestant, the elements of graphic representation of the Contestant, the name, photos or videos of the Contestant; by any means, on any medium and by any process (television, radio, publicity, publishing, catalogue, brochure, press, promotional materials, Internet, intranet, social networks such as Sina Weibo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) in any place of its choice, for the purpose of organizing the Contest, selecting the Pre-Selected Contestant and the Contest winner and/or for communication and/or promotional purposes in relation with the Contest, including but not exclusively in connection with announcing the results of the Contest.

Provision Applicable to the Contest Winners

The name of the Contest winners will be announced at the latest on Dec 31st, 2024 during the Contest and/or in a press release issued by the Organizer, to be available specifically on the Website and on the Organizer’s company website, and/or by any other means determined by the Organizer. In this context, the Organizer may decide to have an audiovisual and/or photographic news story, which will be publicly released, produced about the Contest winners, news story for which the Contest winners undertakes to make it available and to participate in and fully authorizes L’ORÉAL CHINA to use them.

Personal data

Participation in the Contest requires the submission of personal data, particularly relating to the identity of the Contestants (including names, mailing and correspondence addresses, phone numbers, email address, etc.) (collectively the “Personal Data”). The Contestants authorize L’ORÉAL CHINA to use such Personal Data at will legally based on L’ORÉAL CHINA Privacy Policy and any third party serving the Contest to use such Personal Data for the purpose of serving the Contest.

Any financial data provided by the Contestants in their application will remain confidential.

L’ORÉAL CHINA, and/or the agency entrusted by L’OREAL CHINA, uses such Personal Data to manage the Contest and the participation of the Contestants. For more information about how L’ORÉAL CHINA uses Personal Data, please see L’ORÉAL CHINA Privacy Policy available on

For any concerns about how L’ORÉAL CHINA treats and uses Personal Data for the organization of the Contest, or to exercise any of the rights pursuant to applicable laws and regulations relating to such treatment and use by L’ORÉAL CHINA, Contestants may contact L’ORÉAL CHINA Data Protection Officer at or by writing at:

L’ORÉAL CHINA – Legal Department

11th Floor, Park Place, No. 1601 Nanjing Road (West), Shanghai


The Organizer is not responsible for any malfunction of the Website or any late, lost, damaged, misdirected, incomplete, illegible, undeliverable, or destroyed applications due to system errors, failed, incomplete or garbled computer or other telecommunication transmission malfunctions, hardware or software failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections or technical malfunction(s), which may limit a Contestant’s ability to participate.

Contestant Independence and Conflict of Interest

L’ORÉAL CHINA shall in no way interfere with how the Contestants manage their activities; no right over the content of the application shall be transferred to L’ORÉAL CHINA, except for the provisions of Intellectual Property and Personal Data. No relationship of subordination of any kind may be established between L’ORÉAL CHINA and the Contestants.

Under no circumstances, and by no means, Contestants shall be considered as agents, employees or associates of L’ORÉAL CHINA or establishing affiliation with L’ORÉAL CHINA. Participation in the Contest does not grant Contestants any authority, title or right to represent themselves as representatives of L’ORÉAL CHINA or to act in any way in the name of or on behalf of L’ORÉAL CHINA.

The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify Contestants at any time, and, if necessary, to strip the Contest winners of the Contest, in the event that the terms of these Rules, or the Privacy Policy or the General Terms of Use are not followed; or in the event of behavior that could harm the name and reputation of L’ORÉAL CHINA, its directors, administrators, or employees.


The Organizer shall not incur liability in the event that force majeure, or unforeseen circumstances against its will, harm the organization and management of the Contest.

The Organizer shall not be liable in the following cases:

(i) for any direct or indirect economic loss, loss of profits and of business, loss of reputation or any other loss of a Contestant in connection with participating in the Contest and/or the event;

(ii) for not having selected a Contestant;

(iii) for any delays in providing the Award to a Contestant;

(iv) if a Contestant is not able to receive the Award at all or may only receive part of it due to circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer;

(v) in the event of cancellation, termination, suspension or modification of the Contest or the Rules;

(vi) for the disqualification of any application or Contestant;

(vii) for any breach of the law by the Contestant;

(viii) for any false or misleading information contained in an application provided by the Contestant;

(ix) for any loss or damage due to the use of the Website;

(x) for any dispute arising from the Contestant and any organization or individual other than the Organizer;

(xi) for any personal or property loss of the Contestant caused by car accidents or any other accidents when heading for the onsite Contest or event.

Each of the Contestants undertakes to pay any taxes, levies, social contributions, or any other possible fee of any kind whatsoever, that it may due pursuant to applicable law; with the Organizer being held harmless from any liability in such regard.

Severability of the Clauses

If one of the clauses in the Rules is declared null or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by virtue of any provision of applicable law, such clause shall be considered void, and such nullity or unenforceability shall not affect the other clauses herein.

Amendment, Suspension and Termination of Rules

L’ORÉAL CHINA reserves the right to amend and modify the rules at any time, including amending the duration of the Contest when necessary, without any prior notice to the Contestants with respect to the enforcement and effectiveness of relevant amendments.

Any possible changes made to the Rules shall take into effect at the time they are published online on the Website on the page dedicated to L’ORÉAL CHINA. Any Contestant who refuses to accept the modification(s) to the Rules must cease to take part in the Contest process.

The Contestant explicitly waives any claim or dispute in relation to any amendments made by L’ORÉAL CHINA to these rules.

L’ORÉAL CHINA has the right to, in its own discretion, for any reason, at any time and without legal liability, (i) cancel, terminate, change or suspend this Contest and these rules, and (ii) impose restrictions or limitations on participation in the Contest.

In case of any change, cancellation, or suspension of this Contest, L’ORÉAL CHINA will pay no compensation and the Contestants will receive no remuneration or reimbursement.

L’ORÉAL CHINA reserves the right of final interpretation of all contents of the Rules.

Governing Law and Dispute Settlement

This Contest and all acts and disputes associated therewith shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

Any dispute arising from or in connection with the Rules shall be submitted to Shanghai Arbitration Commission for arbitration which shall be conducted in accordance with the Commission’s arbitration rules. The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties.

Contact information

Any correspondence with the Organizer with respect to the Contest should be addressed to: [L’ORÉAL CHINA Innovation Team](

Application Channel

 Application website of the program

 Applet ‘L'Oréal Beauty Tech Startup Challenge’